Are You Missing Something?

I can't let the moment pass me by. My little man, William, lost his first tooth yesterday. Lots of sad thoughts for this mommy. How can my sweet boy grow up so fast? I remember being so excited when he got that first tooth, and now it is the first to go. I put it in a small baggie, with a special note and I put it in his box. I keep a special box for each child to keep mementos in. Of course William was super excited...he said yesterday, "I can't wait until tomorrow, because then I will get money!" So, sure enough under his pillow this morning (given by the mommy fairy...he knows that there isn't a tooth fairy, but mommy leaves special treats) was a package of bubble gum (he loves to chew gum, though we don't do it often) wrapped with a five dollar bill. His excited reaction makes this mommy's heart smile.


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