There Once Was A Girl...

There once was a girl who thought she had a vision of her future. She was an average looking girl...not overly attractive, with very little self-esteem. She came from divorced parents...which had been a marriage full of abuse, financial disaster and inconsistency. She moved around a houses, new schools (even in the midst of a school year), brand new cities and even different states. She really never became the rose that God intended her to be. There are a lot of roses out there that never bloom. Full of hope and color, but never able to become the flower God wanted.
Soon raised by a single mother, with a father who failed to be financially, emotionally or involved in her life. She would continue to look for that father figure for the next twenty-five years. Because she was in a maternal-centered environment she learned that women can control, take care of, and keep everything under their watchful eye. This includes finances, home care, a full time job and everything in between. They were put in role that God never intended to be. Instead of the nurturers that God designed they have become the head of households. Feminism would flourish in her mind....why not, man was not in his rightful place. And since he was not there, she would step in...if not, who else would?
This girl would think that she can do anything that her mind set to....a higher education, travel the world. Never did she think that a home and husband could be part of her world. Those positions had failed her so much before...why think that?
And then one day, God took a hold of her and showed her a new world...a new way of thinking...

To be continued...


and the rest is history. :-)

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