Cooking It Up This Weekend

It was a weekend of great times....and lots of cooking. My husband over at reached his first weight loss goal of 50 pounds. And his reward for that was a new bike. So, while he was biking Saturday morning, I took advantage of the quiet house (the kids were outside enjoying the great weather) and I took some time to cook. The fresh loaf of sourdough above was actually made this morning, but started last night. It was my first attempt at sourdough, and it smells like a slice of heaven. My kids are begging me to slice it first they thought I was making I can't wait to taste it.
I made a batch of yogurt. I usually do this twice a week, made from raw goat's milk. It is superb and makes the best smoothies. My kids love to eat smoothies for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It amazingly fills them up and I don't hear the typical, "I am hungry." I make the smoothies with yogurt, fresh strawberries, ground flax, honey and sometimes oats.
I started making granola this week. It is a huge hit in the house. Since I love it, but it is so expensive to buy, I decided to make it myself. It has a little of this and that and it's sweetened with honey and maple syrup. It is soooo fantastic. I love trying new things, especially if it's really good for you...which this is.
What a great weekend! We are on Spring Break this week, so I am getting some stuff done around here...and relaxing just a bit. Have a great week!


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