Strawberry Picking

Not the best picture...but here we all are after we finished. We picked almost two boxes worth of strawberries. One box has already been separated and frozen, ready for smoothies when strawberries are no longer in season. The other box we will be for juicing this week...yummy!
My fantastic husband...looking great after he hit his first weight loss goal-50 pounds.
The girls...with the funniest looks on their faces. I am not sure if they liked the picking as much as the boys.
When I look at this picture I wonder what they are talking about...
Caleb starting with his new box...he had a good time picking the strawberries.
William stopped for a moment for me to snap a picture. The boys loved the open fields and the small farm.
What a great day for strawberry picking. We found a great little farm about an hour away from our house and headed over their yesterday for picking. One of my fondest memories of when I was a kid was when we went strawberry picking when I lived in New York. We went every year, and my mother would freeze a ton of strawberries for the winter ahead. So, I am so glad my kids got to experience this too. It was the perfect day...the skies were a beautiful blue and the humidity was low. The sun was shining brightly, but not enough to make you sweat too much. It was a beautiful day overall. Glad we got to do this. Our goal is to get out more...spend more time outdoors and enjoy our beautiful state. What a great way to spend St. Patricks Day!


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