Hit the Road!

It was inevitable to happen. The days have gone by so fast. She was just a baby in our arms yesterday, and now she is driving us around town. Well, not exactly us. I haven't driven with her yet. Matt says to give her some time. I think this is one thing that I should not be responsible to teach her. I could see the battle in the car now. So, Matt is teaching her to drive. That's a good thing. Yesterday she was able to get her permit. She finished her driver's Ed class just in time...she had it all planned out. To be finished just days before her birthday...and then she took the exam (online, times have changed) on her actual birthday...and then yesterday she was off to get the actual license.
Can't believe she has grown so fast! She is such a great girl. She has such potential. It's exciting to see them reach all of these milestones. Yes, it's a bit scary too. But my trust is in the Lord. Not in their or my ability. So, the first (of many) driver from the Reynolds Nation has hit the road...keep an eye out for her.


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