That's Amore

When you talk about pasta, you have to be singing "Italian" songs, right? Haha. The other night we were in an Italian mood and tried out our new pasta maker. In our quest to change all of our food habits, and to dump all processed foods out of our diet we bought this handy dandy pasta maker. Made with whole grain, and fresh eggs Matt rolled this out the other night.
And after rolling it out, he pushed this through the spaghetti maker. Here it is hanging and getting ready to be put in the steaming pot beside it.
I must admit that the spaghetti was fantastic. He made a thicker "fettuccine" style pasta and the thinner spaghetti style. We put some sauce on it and the kids plowed in. It didn't last very long here at the Reynolds Nation. They loved it and we were quite proud. A little change goes a long has been awesome taking this journey to have a dynamic life that God planned out for us!!! Viola!


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