Oh Spring Break How I love You

I have been missing for a few days..so sorry, but I have been enjoying Spring Break with my kids. And how lovely it has been. Of course, the weather has been absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking. Not too hot, no humidity, but warm enough to enjoy the pool and the beach. My kids have their first "color" of the year...we went swimming at my friend's pool twice and we hit the beach on Friday. I don't usually go to the beach this early, but the weather was so perfect and the kids love it so much. Now, let me remind you, my foot never touched the water. The water is way too cold for this Mama. I just sat at the edge of the water and watched my kids play and dig in the sand. I refuse to get in the water until I actually sweat. Then I know it's a refreshing break to jump in the water. But I was just as happy to sit and watch the kids.
Yesterday we headed to St. Augustine (I think the oldest city in the country) with my girls and went to a cousin's baby shower. It was nice to get out...have lunch and hang out with just the girls. My sister-in-laws and mother-in-law went with us too. It was the perfect day. Not sure what we are doing today to end the most perfect spring break...but this one has been perfectly memorable. Hope yours was as nice as well!


Michelle said…
We had a wonderful spring break as well. It always kicks off beach time for our family, glad to hear you have enjoyed your spring break as well!

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