Wednesday, Wednesday

Just sitting here and taking a break from the busyness of the day. We have had a productive morning here at the house. Wednesday's are busy days with school because we have lap books to work on for history, and the beginning of writing for the week. The writing takes a few days to complete, so Wednesday is a good day to start and then of course we have our other subjects to complete. We are studying Alexander the Great this week, which has been interesting. I love seeing their little minds in action. And I love when I hear them able to give back to me what they have been taught. It's been a great school year. We have got so much work done, and I feel like they are absorbing so much more. Love homeschooling.
Other than that, the weather has been beautiful. As I sit here, my windows are open...the birds are literally singing in the backyard and the kids are riding bikes outside. I love is so refreshing. It's a slow week, which is good. Headed to the local museum on Friday to check it out and to see the planetarium...which will be great for the kids since we have been studying astronomy all year long. I love weeks like this..not too many commitments, good weather and peacefulness. God is so good. Hope your week is going good. What have you been up to?


Michelle said…
The younger kids have spent a lot of time in the pool, I've been sewing, doing minor garden prep and visiting with friends- today we are going to the beach. I too love springtime! Glad your Wednesday was relaxing!

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