Skate Night

Last night we went rollerskating at our local rink. It was $2 Tuesdays, so it was the perfect opportunity to head out and skate with the kids. The last time we went (last June) Esther broke her wrist, so she wasn't too keen to go out again. But memories (and pain) do fade away and she was willing to give it an another try.
Now when I was little, skating was the "in" thing to do. Everyone skated all the time, you had your parties there...come on you mid-thirty remember. Everyone was hip. Out there skating with feathers in your hair and leg warmers over your jeans. Wow, small flashback to the eighties. I loved to skate and learned when I was five.
Fast forward thirty years, and skating isn't as popular. So, my kids really don't know how to skate. Including my teenager. We have gone off and on over the years, but not enough to put in some serious practice. My best skaters last night were probably Judah and William...totally fearless. Willing to fall and make fools of themselves. They probably went around the rink 50 times. They just had some good old fashioned fun.
And for me, it's fun to hang out and watch my kids skate...enjoy themselves and stay active. And for a few dollars, it was worth once again to make some memories with my kids :)


Aleatha said…
I had no idea they had a $2 Tuesday. Too cool! I will be going for sure.
Superhero Mom said…
I want to do this! You are so right..once upon a time it was the "thing to do"! Maybe I can convince my brood to do this some Tuesday.

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