Gratitude Friday

It's a foggy morning here in Florida. The morning has actually been much cooler than the last couple of days. I love when the mornings are cool...especially when the days have been as warm as they have been. It's been hitting the mid 80's this week. A bit warm for the end of February, beginning of March. Oh well, this winter has been a bit disappointing weather wise...I like a cool winter to balance out the hotter than you know what summers. Even so, life is good. We are happy, healthy and living such a blessed life.
1. On this Friday morning I am so thankful for love received by the father on a daily basis. He is always there whenever we need him.
2. I am thankful for the giggles I hear from Matt and Judah in the morning...when they have their morning talk in bed, after I am up and exercising. It is so cute to hear and this memory will last for a lifetime.
3. Thankful for a great week of exercise. It feels so good.
4. So thankful for my beautiful girl, Bryn, turning 15 this week. Where has the time gone? I can't believe I have been a mom for 15 years.
5. Thankful for Such a great husband...who has always supported me as a mother. He has always given me appropriate breaks...he has always given 100% and been a full time dad (despite working hard at his day job).


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