Weekend In Review

Our weekends at the Reynolds Nation are very special. The only time we aren't running around...no swim team, or speech therapy...or school. William calls them our Free Days. I love that. So here are a few pictures that captures the weekend.
Caleb and Esther stopped for a moment for me on Friday night. The three of us went out for several hours shopping. My younger boys were with Nana for the night, Bryn was at youth group with Matt, and we went shopping. William and Judah HATE to shop...and since Caleb doesn't mind and of course Esther loves to shop, I took the opportunity and ran with it. We had a great time and we were out late...overall it was a fun evening. We were able to get an Easter outfit for Esther and I finished up the boys outfits too...ahead of the game a bit.
Playing computer on the couch and Judah is reading a book. This is something we do a lot around here. Good, plain fun.
My favorite highlight for the weekend. I went to my favorite frozen yogurt place...oh yummy! Since I changed my eating, I haven't had any sweets. So, this was a special treat...120 calories of goodness. And best of all, I am still working hard...down 32 pounds already!
William, finally getting a hair buzz. His hair was driving me crazy. It was just all over the place, so I finally told Matt, to just buzz it off. Easier for me and for him...and great for our hot summers.
Other things we did, but don't have pictures of...more shopping...lunch with mother in law and 2 sister in laws...a movie in bed with the hubby...Bryn driving Matt's car and making it without problems...church and worship:)...farmers market...walking and cardio workout...I guess that's it in a nutshell. Have a great Monday everyone!


Aleatha said…
now that is my kind of weekend. I can't believe Easter and summer are almost here.

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