Back to School

So today was the day.  After a fantastic summer, we are back to the books. And today is the day when our little caboose started kindergarten.  So sweet and sad at the same time.  Can't believe he is old enough to be adding, subtracting and reading.  Wasn't he just crawling around on our floor?  Okay, I will stop now before the tears flow.  Here he is so proud this morning with his Math book.
 I have a little tradition around here...we make the first day of kindergarten special by reading the "kissing hand" book, doing a craft and baking cookies from our hand prints (with yummy chocolate in the middle).  It's so sweet...they love it...and I love making that first day so special.
I decided to jump in the picture this morning.  Here is the whole Reynolds Nation gearing up for a day full of learning, fun and love.  Love this family!!! Expecting a great year.


Michelle said…
What a great post, hope you have a wonderful year!
Superhero Mom said…
What a beautiful family! That Judah just steals your heart huh? lol!

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