Seasons of Change

Things are changing around here at the Reynolds Nation. Big change.  New Season.  Phew, it's so hard to even say it.  Well, we are moving.  After living on our small farm for the past 10 years we are moving.  Wow! I can't believe it.  I am so excited and so reluctant at the same time.  But a new season is on the horizon.  We have felt it for so long.  For the past two years this new season has been beckoning.  And this step of moving is just the beginning. So...lots of changes going on right now.  Packing boxes...getting rid of a ton of stuff.  The best part of moving is that you can stream line your house.  That part feels good.  Of course I feel a bit teary eyed when I think of leaving my little red house.  But my heart is excited too.  So, excuse the dust and sporadic writing around here...things are on the move.  Less than 3 weeks to go :)


Michelle said…
Wow! Where are you moving to? What an exciting adventure, but sad because I too love your little farm.

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