A Peek into the Real World of the First Day

After 11 years of homeschooling, we have had many first days. First day with one kid and as of yesterday our first day with five kids. I have so many memories of first days...the air was crisp, the leaves were ready to change and I was wearing a light jacket to school (haha, obviously I was not in Florida).  New pencils, back pack and lunch box. It makes a smile come to my face, like so many others.
Well, as you can tell by my post yesterday, it was our youngest child's first day.  He has watched for the last five years watch all the other kids sit down nice and orderly and do their schoolwork.  Yes, there were crazy days...loud days...quiet days...but yesterday was one for the record books. 
Judah started his day with so much anticipation.  He was nervous, excited...totally overloaded.  He finally hit the spot that everyone talked about.  He was finally a Kindergartener!!! Woohoo! It was a status that everyone talked about, and now he was there.  He kept on asking while we were getting ready yesterday if it was time for kindergarten yet.  He was so cute.  Finally. around 8:30 we all prayed together and then did a spontaneous version of ring around the rosie (you have to do that when you are all holding hands, right?).  Next, we sat down and talked over some rules again and then began our reading.  That's when it started.  He said the first "no." No he was not going to do this, no he wasn't going to do that.  He didn't want to sit there, here or anywhere.  He didn't want to do two pages, he wanted to do one page.  He was full steam ahead at this point.  He wanted to watch t.v., he wanted to play the wii...when was this going to be over?  A few tears here and there and lots of "no." 
And what did I do?  As a seasoned homeschooler...I laughed.  Not in front of him.  But I know that this too shall pass (just to mention, none of my other kids have ever done this...but he is the strongest, most stubborn of our children).  My favorite point was when he got off the bench and left the building...he just walked outside (thankfully, we live on 3 acres) and walked down the driveway.  I just looked at one of the kids and said, "did he just leave?" I know, just laugh out loud now!!! He came back in a minute and somehow we managed to get his work done (not that there was a lot).  Right at the end, he was coloring so nicely at the table and I noticed he was coloring his page blue.  I told him that the letter and the indian feathers were supposed to be red...and without missing a beat nor did he look up, he said, "I don't want it red I want it blue!" Oh my!
It was a comical morning.  We did end our day with our favorite book, a little craft and some baking.  That was the best part of the day.  Yes, I was tired by the end of the night.  And I know that if I was a new homeschooler I would have thought that I couldn't handle my child and they should be in school.  But I know that each child reacts to these new situations different every time.  It would all come together.
And today, he did a beautiful job.  He got all his work done and listened to all his reading.  He is a stubborn boy, but with a lot of potential.  I love him for it.  And I told Matt that I only have 2339 days until I am done :)


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