The Little Red Car

I snapped this picture yesterday when I brought the little "red" car over to my mother-in-law's house.  Yes, I know it is not red, but in my mind I have always thought of it I am establishing now that it is red. Okay. Okay. So, now that we got that small point out of the way, it was a sad moment when I did this.  We have had this car FOREVER!  I spotted this car about 8 years ago when I was driving down one of the local roads on a weekend.  It was on someones driveway during a garage sale and they were selling it for $5. What a great deal. I figured if it lasted a few months then it was totally worth it.  So, I brought it home.  Bryn was too big for it, Caleb was perfect size and I think Esther was JUST learning how to walk. 
Well, my kids have played in it forever and forever.  I got my $5 worth and beyond. They have gone in and out of it, on top of it...I think the dogs have gone in it and Matt used to tie a rope to it and pull the kids a 100 mph down the driveway in it.  FUN, FUN, FUN...all the time.  All the cousins have rode in has been a ball of fun forever around here.  The last year it has had less use because my kids were getting older....but we kept it around for visiting friends and family. 
So, it kind of made me sad to give it away yesterday.  This little "red" car is such a symbol of their childhood.  But I gave it to my mother-in-law so the other grand babies can use it.  I hope it lasts a little bit longer.  Such sweet we get ready to move from our house a lot of those memories have come up.  A few have brought tears...some laughter...some pain...but it's all good.  Those memories are part of what makes ME.  So, I take all of those moments and move on to the next season of my life.  Even without the little "red" car :(


Aleatha said…
I have great memories of all three of my kids in our little "red" car! Those things are amazing

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