Running update

This morning I had an awesome run.  A little over a month ago I injured my leg.  I guess from not warming up properly before my run...that's the best answer I could come up with.  So, I took two full weeks off of running (which totally killed me) and just cross-trained at the gym.  I never knew how addicted I came to running until I couldn't run.  After the two weeks I was able to go back to running...but I started out slow.  The first day I just ran a mile to see how my leg felt and how it would respond afterwards.  After feeling great I went back to my three day a week running schedule with an increase each time of 1/2 mile.  Each time it felt great.  My leg felt better than ever.  So, this morning I finally hit the 4.2 miles that I was running when I hurt my leg.  The best part is that I did it with a decrease in my average pace by 1.10 minutes.  I felt it the whole way.  I knew I was going so much faster.  The worst part is that I have had to start running later in the morning because it is so dark outside and the sun was beating down on me.  It was hot.  I was so sweaty when I got home.  But I felt awesome.  It was a true runners high.  So, after about 40 ounces of water and a bowl of blueberries I felt even better.  Happy Friday everyone.  Have a great weekend!


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