The Tale of the Bagel

Yummy! Oh yes! You have to love a bagel.  They are the perfect breakfast treat.  If you toast them just right and then put on your favorite topping...ooohhh, it! Well, as you may know I have changed my whole life when it comes to eating.  I had to so I could SAVE my life.  My eating was killing me.  So now I eat whole foods, barely anything processed and lots of RAW! 
A week or so ago I saw a bagel at the bakery at our local grocery store and it made my mouth water.  It looked so good.  And at this point of my change of lifestyle I don't usually crave too much.  But this looked so good.  But as normal, I walked away.  I rarely eat any white flour.  It does nothing good for me.  Over the course of the next few days I thought about bagels.  I was really craving it now.  And with my new food lifestyle I don't believe that anything is off limits.  You just have to do everything in moderation.  And since I don't normally eat stuff like this, it is definitely a treat. 

So on Saturday we were headed to our last swim meet with the kids and as a special treat we were getting donuts for the kids for the meet.  They were so excited!  So, I told my lovely husband to pick up a poppy seed bagel (my favorite) for me.  I was having a serious TREAT!  He brought it to me pool side and I put on a very light layer of cream cheese on it.  It looked so good.  Oh my goodness! Make your mouth water.  It was toasted perfectly.  Well...

It really didn't taste that great...:( Can you believe it?  It was bland and not very good.  I actually only ate half of the bagel and put the rest in my bag (which was later munched on by my Judah).  It was not worth the time, or the calories.  My taste buds have changed so much.  I just don't eat the same anymore. And it feels good to say that.  I am glad I tried it.  I don't want to walk around feeling like I am deprived.  But it's nice to know that I am a different person.  I would rather have had a fresh, crisp cold piece of fruit.  Awesome! How are you doing with your food choices later? Anything new?


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