Moments of Frustration

I was a bit frustrated this morning with my running.  Well, more like I was frustrated before my run.  I was back and forth on where I wanted to run.  I didn't really want to run.  I wanted to stay in bed instead.  But that's not how the pounds come off.  And I have a 10k that I am training for...and you can't do that in bed.  Overall, I was just frustrated because I am so slow.  I know that I am slower because of my weight.  The more you have to carry, the slower you move.  And I know that I am much faster than I was just a few months ago.  I just need to pick up the pace. 
So, after all my moments of frustration, I decided to do a short run..only 2 miles this morning.  But with the intent to pick up my speed.  Which went really well. I dropped my average pace almost another 1/2 a minute...which was really good.  Yes, I need to get so much faster.  But after the short burst this morning, I felt like it was more of a reality.  And as I was finishing up I turned the corner and saw this in the sky.  So breathtaking.  And on my I-pod, the song was singing how He overwhelms me and that He was the air that I breathe.  Perfect ending for my Friday run. I needed that.  Doesn't He always know just what we need and when we need it? Hope your Friday is as good as mine started :)


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