Five Miles!!!!

Here I am yesterday morning...sweating my butt off.  You can actually see the sweat on my forehead (should have checked that before snapping the picture, he he).  I did my longest run yesterday morning...5 miles!!! Can you believe it? It's been an incredible journey...check out how I started this process just 5 months ago. When I finished my 5k training in May I decided to continue on and train for the 10k (might as well right?).  I am not the biggest lover of running, but I do like it. And most of all I love what it has done to my body.  I am losing weight tremendously fast because of it!  And anything to make my heart healthy and good is awesome!
When I started yesterday I wasn't sure how far I was going to go.  It was a beautiful morning on the Riverside and I wanted to go 5 miles, but I wasn't sure how my hip would feel.  When I ran on Tuesday, it really bothered me.  I hadn't been icing my lower back as often as I should and I didn't get adjusted by the chiropractor the Friday before.  I guess the place of least resistance on my body is my lower back...which moves into my hip.  Anyway, I had been icing it like crazy all week, so when I set off yesterday I felt good.  No little kink in it.  Which made me happy.  So, I set out with doing 5 miles and keeping my running consistently up.  It was a beautiful run.  I just felt good the whole time.  Right at the end I was getting tired, but kept going.  And that last half a mile my calf was burning...but that's okay.  It just felt awesome to go that far. When I finished I felt like I went to the moon.  I was so excited. When I started running at the very end of March I could barely do 60 seconds of consecutive running.  And now I am doing 5 miles straight!!! I am so humbled by the Lord.  This has just been the most amazing journey for me...which is really just getting started.  Who knows where the Lord will take this.  Thanks for keeping up with me on this...Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


Michelle said…
I am impressed that you are running 5 straight miles because I too do not like running. Way to go, inspiring to me to press on and do the hard stuff. Can't wait to hear about the 10k!

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