Embrace The Camera

I had William snap a picture of me this morning.  I checked the camera to see if I have any latest pictures of me...and there were none. We have been so busy with moving lately that I haven't taken pictures of much.  So, I had William take this picture...it's a first he has done of me and I think he did a pretty good job.

 And before he could walk away I snapped this of the two of us.  Isn't he tan? He got incredibly tan this summer from all the swim and beach time.  Gosh, he is handsome.

 I wanted to include this.  Doesn't my husband look handsome? Last night we were lounging in bed and I took this.  I think he looks incredibly attractive (I guess I should)...but this picture really brings out how lovely he really is.
And I had to put this one in.  Esther was upstairs with us last night and she was hiding from Bryn.  She didn't want her sister to know where she was.  She kept on telling Matt to make her look like a pillow, so if Bryn came up she wouldn't see her.  So cute. Such sweet memories.

Now, head over and see Emily and her crew Embrace the Camera!


emily anderson said…
hi friend! so good to see your face :)

where did y'all move too?

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