You know when you have those kind of days where you feel really productive...and you get all the stuff you want done...DONE! Well, today was one of those days.  I just got a lot of stuff completed.  I was on a roll...and nothing (like kids wrestling, slapping each other, or any other "normal" major catastrophe) was going to stop me!!!
School is less than two weeks away and I pushed my prep time off enough! I really like to enjoy my summer with my kids...you know beach, movies, pool, beach, swim team, beach and all that fun kind of stuff.  And the last thing I want to do is think about lesson plans and books.  So, I simply just don't :)  I enjoy my summer (which is why I have barely been posting).  I enjoy every moment with my kids.  But the time came for me to crack open the boxes of curriculum and work.  And so I did.  I opened..I separated...I looked over and restacked.  And after a very long time downloading my Tapestry of Grace Curriculum, I was a printing machine today.  I printed out 9 weeks worth of assignments.  The printer was just rolling...and I was punching holes, and stapling away.  It was great.  Next thing I knew, I had all my folders filled and ready.  How awesome.  And while I did this, I did four loads of laundry and somehow managed six children (one extra today).
And now we are just hanging out (yes, the washer/dryer are still going) and relaxing.  What a fantastic day.  Nothing special.  Just a lot of production.  That's my kind of day.


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