Deck The Halls!

Here is the "Christmas card picture" that Matt took last night when everything was done. The tree looks beautiful...the stockings hung on the fireplace and our two little trees on the hearth. So lovely.
The kids were munching on pinwheel cookies while we decorated the house. Judah looks happy!

The kids surrounded Matt, waiting for their turn to put an ornament on the tree. They only put the one's up that weren't breakable. We have a lot of old ornaments that we wouldn't let them touch.

Esther holding her first ornament from 2003. Each child gets a new ornament from us each year. By the time they move out and marry they will have enough to decorate a tree!

Bryn and Caleb stop for a minute for me to snap a picture. Esther is in the back trying to place an ornament.

Judah loved putting ornaments up...last year he did a lot of running around and laughing. Needless to say though, we had to reposition a lot of ornaments this year, lol.


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