Just For Me!!!

I just had to post this picture today....this is how I started my day...with this beautiful rainbow. On the way to work this morning it was raining lightly and cloudy outside. And as I was driving to work, I got a small glimpse of part of this rainbow. Then more was revealed and then more....kind of like what the Lord does to us...shows us small part by small part. And then all of a sudden there was the largest and clearest rainbow I have ever seen...totally surrounded by the dreary clouds. Each color was so distinct and I could see everyone of them. It was breathtaking. I really felt like the Lord said to me, "even in the midst of the dark and cloudy world, I am there in the middle of it." Though things have been really stressful in my life, He is still there. And He is there full of hope, peace, joy, love and provision. It just made my whole day seeing this rainbow. Though I know so many other saw it, I felt like God put this in the sky just for me. What a daddy I have!


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