Christmas Memories!

The first picture is generational...all my kids surrounding their 91 year old great-grandmother. She has been a blessing to all of us...we have so many Christmas memories of her every year on Christmas Eve.

I believe this is the first present that the kids opened up, after their stockings. They are all quite eager and ready to rip in.

Judah and William...holding the controls to their monster truck and race car. Love this picture of sweet and ready to smile for mommy!

Here is Matt, later that day on Christmas...looking tired from not enough sleep and a busy morning. Even so, he is so handsome and I love him so much!

Esther holding her new stylish, winter boots and in her new robe. I have to keep this skinny girl warm some how!

Caleb in his new jammies and holding his new glove that he got from Nana. He was so excited later that he could catch the ball in the glove!

Here is Bryn holding a large present...trying to get her to sit still is difficult. In the present was her full length, bright red robe that she asked for. My kids are always!

Caleb holding his new nerf gun...took a while to figure it out, but he got it. There has been a lot of shooting around here quick!

Here is our pug Mia...sporting her new winter coat...and she also got a new comfy bed to sleep in!

The boys in their new wagon...I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of hauling going on here on our property!

William sporting his new skateboard...he wanted one so bad, and his Nana bought it for him. He was working hard on it at her condo that morning!

Here is a shot of Judah and his new binoculars from Mimi. The kids always want to borrow Mimi's when we are at the condo, to look down at the park. Now he has his own pair!

I thought I would post the last picture of what the tree looked like before the picturesque!


Superhero Mom said…
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Love the pictures Allison..thanks for letting us take a peek into your home on Christmas morning!

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