Shower of Candy

The Edgewater Parade was yesterday...and we met up and had a great time with the kids. We sat at the beginning of the parade route, because a friend let us park at her house. Over half of the cousins showed up...and they love being together. When Luke showed up (he is in a stroller and is only 1), seven little kids swarmed his should have seen the delight on his face. Because we were at the beginning of he parade route the kids were showered with Candy. All the kids came home with individual quart bags full, and then I filled another gallon jar when we got home (tucked away for future use). They also got stuffed animals, coupons and toys. They had so much fun...together. That was the best part of all! Here is a picture of them all...Xavier, William, Judah, Zachary, Caleb, Esther, Bryn and Luke.


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