Up Early!

I have been getting up so early since before Thanksgiving. My hour to start the day has been around 5:30 in the morning. Still dark. House quiet. No objections to that. So, I have been able to have my quiet time with the Lord...prayer and reading the word, without any interruptions or noise. Quite blissful, actually. The only bad thing about this hour...is that by eight o'clock at night I am ready to crash. I need to adjust a bit to this new rising hour.

I am up early this morning baking cookies. My best friend's shower is this afternoon. So, I am in preparation mode. Getting everything ready...lists made...crystal brought down...any last minute work that needs to be done. My sweet husband made the cake last night...stayed up late to bake it. How kind, since I was ready to crash.

So, all is well here. I am posting a picture of my little cutie, Esther. Such a blessing she is.


Superhero Mom said…
Wow! 3:58am or something...that is early!

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