Swinging Good Time

I thought I would post a picture of our new swing set. My mom, aka Grammy, bought it for the kids for Christmas. She ordered the kit and gave us the money for the wood. It took two days (a couple hours each day) and Matt put it together. It looks awesome and I am so grateful for Matt's carpentry ability (inherited from his dad). Other than a little help from us to lift he did it all by himself. Super proud! And of course the kids are very excited...there is more to do outside.
When Matt and I were young, we learned from our friends that when you have children, make the environment the most appealing to them...so that your kids are home with you rather than wanting to go elsewhere. Yeah, sure they love visiting friends...but our kids really enjoy being home. We have made our property full of things to do...bikes, slides, skateboards, jungle gym, miniature houses...and now the swing set. All this was done at a very low cost...we bought all used (from garage sales or friends who had kids out grow their things) which has been awesome for us. This property is for them...to love being home with us and to be able to be outside as much as possible. Thank you Lord for this ability.


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