Here is our angel, playing an angel at church. Our babygirl was in her first play...with two whole lines to say in fron of the congregation. She did such a good job...quite angelic.
Boys will be boys! Playing outside our friends house...on the only hill in Florida...lol. Skateboards and scooters. Funny thing is that the little boy in the green shirt also has the name Judah. He kept on giving me funny looks every time I called my Judah. And William loved riding on the skateboard. He told me when we got home that he wants one so bad, and he is going to save all his money for one. Little does he know, that he will have one under Nana's tree on Christmas.

Esther painting cookies yesterday. Our little budding artist did a fantastic job.

Our little bear...he liked the skateboard also. He is a "me too" kind of a boy...he will never be left behind.


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