It's too early for this...

I can't remember the last time in early December when we had to cover our plants...but that's exactly what we had to do last night. Matt invested a lot of time and money this year to his garden and he wasn't prepared to lose it. The low this morning...29 degrees. In December? Amazing. Perhaps we will have another cold winter like last year, or it's just a fluke. We will see. Either way, we are loving every minute of it. The kids are snug in their beds and the air is crisp. What a beautiful morning!


Superhero Mom said…
I'm glad to see that you didn't disappoint me by saying something negative about this cold weather. I knew you of all people would totally be enjoying every single second...meanwhile...over here...3 miles away, we have our heat at 76. We can't take the cold! lol!! By the way, your "halls are beautifully decked"!! Love you!

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