40 Bag Challenge-Complete

I first want to thank Owlhaven, for inspiring me to do this in the first place. I got the idea of the 40 bag, 40 day challenge from her...and she, I believe, got it from another blog. This has been one of the most awesome experiences I have had in a long time...cleansing and cleaning. I normally clean my house over the summer, while school is out...but I have never had the intention to get rid of this much stuff. I usually just clean out and straighten, but never with the intention to remove this much. I am posting a picture of the garage sale that we had this weekend...that is all mine. Can you believe it? So here is what was eliminated:

26 bags thrown away

1 dresser

1 sofa table and 2 night stands sold on Craig's list

Multiple plastic buckets that held items out

Multiple things out of the shed (an old dolly, stroller, bikes, kids tool stand, fold up chairs, 2 large metal trashcans)

2 full loads in my Expedition and 2 loads in my husband's Tracker to the garage sale at my mother-in-law's house (whatever wasn't sold, was given to the thrift store that supports Resources for Women (which is our local pregnancy crisis center)).

Though I didn't technically collect 40 bags, the rest of the stuff I got rid of should meet my goal. I made a little money in the garage sale, and was able to bless a great organization that is trying to save the lives of babies....what an awesome feeling to have. And another great thing is that my house is cleaner, less cluttered and easier to work in. What freedom it has brought!!!! I suggest everyone take some time and clean out your house...I was skeptical at first. I thought there is no way I am able to get that much out of my house. But I did. Give it a try...it was worth every moment!


Owlhaven said…
Great job!!!! I got to about 26 bags and then got sidetracked by life...still an improvement though!
You made so much progress! I bet you are loving the feeling of having more space.


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