And the Heat is On!

The temps almost reached 90 degrees the beginning of April! Not quite sure if I am ready for this yet. Even so, we still had work to do outside. We continued to do some painting in the back of our house...and I got the gracious job of ripping poison ivy off the side of the house. I am the only one not allergic to the stuff, so I get this job. Matt won't even go near where it is...he has a major reaction to the ivy and it spreads like wild fire all over his body. Matt continued by cleaning out the gutters, in preparation for the spring and summer rains. We then moved Olive, our last baby goat, over to the Coslow hopes that she will stop running from us like her mama does. Esther went over with me, since it is her goat. Anyway, the kids played all day...and did some work up the property and moving palm branches to the goat pasture. By the end of the night, the house was clean, laundry done and the yard was looking good. We got all this done in preparation of our sabbath day....our hopes to just spend time together as a family on Sunday. Hope your weekend is going well! * 40-bag Challenge-26 bags, and on the countdown, getting ready for the garage sale this weekend. I will have my final number in a week, but I think I may make it. Imagine how clean my house is!


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