It's a Party!!!!

Here he is, in the full glory of being SIX! He loved his cake, and the whole day that was his!
Matt and his creativity! Here is the cake that William asked for, made by his daddy!
I love his smile in the happy and joyful. He is my boy!
William opening his presents..Judah was a bit excited and tried to open them for him.
His favorite presents...everybody heard he wanted money, so most people added a few dollars to each present. He ended up with thirty dollars!
Me and my boy! I love his goofy smiles and his great laugh...I am so blessed to have him as my son!


Michelle said…
Just did some catching up with you. Looks like your 40 bag challenge is moving along nicely and I hear ya on the Lego front. We ended up dedicating a room to Legos and it was pretty much the only toy they played with. Still have them accessible! Happy birthday to William, what an amazing cake- yum!!

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