No Rest for the Weary

I am feeling weary still from the past weekend. The first day this week I actually took two short naps. And yesterday was when I felt somewhat human. Nothing exciting going on this week...just hanging out...getting prepared for Easter Sunday and trying to move along in school work. Only a few weeks left with we are down to the last bit. William's soccer is going really well. Though not a natural soccer player, he has improved every week and is not afraid of the ball and has even got a little aggressive with it. Matt has has a three day weekend coming up, so we are excited to have a few days off. He is finishing work on our new chicken coop...we are calling it Alcatraz...because he has made it a fortress that no one can get into. I think he may have stopped the raccoons finally. We order chickens today, so we will be back in business with our chickens. We are still looking for a new goat, but haven't had much promise with that yet. Matt has been busy watching video blogs about we may be getting a few hives in the near future. That will be his business...I am way too scared of bees. Though it will be great to have the honey. Life is good, just busy as usual. How is everything with you?


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