Thinning of the Farm Animals

When I look outside to the pasture today, it looks a lot different. We sold two of our mama goats today to another local farm. One, Kerry, was born here at the Reynolds Nation and Baby was bought from a herd. Big thing we learned...only buy animals that have been raised by people, not in a herd. Baby was sweet, but she wouldn't come near us. So, when she gave birth the last two years, her babies would run away from us with her. This is not what we wanted. So after some discussion with Matt and other friends, we decided to sell the two mamas. We got a call in one hour of being put on Craig's List and they were gone. I felt sad to see them go...I get attached to my animals....but it is all for the best. So, now we only have Shirley (our original Pygmy goat) and we plan to keep her. We also gave our friends our bunny rabbit, Brownie. The kids bought her two years ago, but they haven't spent much time with her. Our friends needed her for breeding, so off she went. Quite happily. The kids can visit her every time we go over for piano lessons, and I have one less animal to worry about. So, we are on the hunt for a milking goat. We are keeping our eye on Craig's list and checking with some other contacts. I am excited to see what we come up with. Matt has made plans for a new chicken pen. After losing all of our chickens to a family of raccoons, we needed to build something more sturdy. So, he is tweaking his plans a bit and hopefully will start on Friday with our new pen. The weather is warm and my air condition is pumping. It's been a nice winter, and I am grateful for the break from the warm weather. The kids though, keep on talking about the beach, so you know what they are excited about.


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