Our Girl...Eight Years Old

Here is our girl. Eight years old...born on April 18th at 1:33 in the morning. She has been a delight since she was born...a great baby, and easy child. She can entertain herself for hours and is so loving. She loves to snuggle right up against you and has the sweetest personality. Esther and I are total opposites...which actually makes us get along so well. We feel blessed to have her in our life.
Here is another one of Matt's cake creations. Esther picked out the yellow frosting, with the orange trim. Esther has never been known to be conservative, lol.
Our Essie Roo, eight years old. How did it happen so fast? She was so excited all day!
Esther opening her presents. William had prepared her present two weeks ago...he was so excited to make her multiple cards, a few homemade airplanes and a dollar of his own money. Love his giving heart.
Here they all are...so happy to celebrate together. The kids had fun...eating cake, playing with(and popping) balloons and just being together. I am extremely blessed.


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