Gratitude Friday

Notice on the picture above that the boys are wearing their new fleece sweaters. So, you know what happened here in Florida! Cool weather. Finally a brief break from the heat. A break from the mosquitoes. A break from the humidity. Can we shout Hallelujah?

1. I am thankful for the cool weather. It always comes when I can't take the heat another second.

2. I am thankful for my sweet husband. I think I say this a lot, but he truly is so beautiful to me.

3. I am thankful for all the funny noises that come out of my house. The giggles, the laughter and even the occasional yell.

4. I am thankful for sweet boys who sit with me on the chair, snuggling under a blanket while they read to me. Simple pleasures, yes sir.

5. I am thankful for this season in my life. Though it is so busy and full, it will be gone in a blink. So, now I have the memories to build and look back upon.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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