A Legacy

What is a legacy? I had those thoughts this weekend as my family was able to enjoy hours of playtime outdoors. My thoughts went to my father-in-law, Bill. If you read my blog regularly, you know that we lost him to congested heart failure a year ago and now he is with the Lord. But though he is gone, he has left a legacy. He has left memories.

And as my kids were swinging on the pasture swing on Saturday, my thoughts were drawn to the day Bill hung up that swing in the pasture for my kids. And at that time the Reynolds Nation was small...just Bryn, Caleb and baby Esther. But he went out of his way to put this up for them so that they could play. The only one who enjoyed it at that time was Bryn, because the other two were still small. But Bill had thoughts for the future...that all his grandkids would be able to play on it. And so they have.

So, I was thinking about Bill and how much he loved my kids. And how much he did for them despite his physical limitations. He never put himself before them...he would do anything for them. He loved them always so tenderly and dearly. That's what I miss about him. So, on beautiful Fall days like this, it's like we are with him again. Enjoying Pappap's swing together. This is part of the legacy that he left.


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