What we were doing this weekend...

Some of my favorite pictures are of my kids picking out their pumpkins. Especially as I see how much they have changed each year...grown up and become so cute. The kids have been begging to pick out their pumpkins for weeks...but living in Florida, you don't want them to get them too early because they rot so quickly. Especially with the 90 degree temps that we were having last week. So, I try to delay it as long as possible. It's hard for them to contain themselves, especially since I have all of our fall decorations up and they have made a few "autumn" crafts. Anyway, long story short...here they are...our little arrows...as cute as can be. Enjoy!


Superhero Mom said…
Great picture Allison. It took me awhile to get used to not having jackets on while picking out our pumpkins. lol! Where is this taken?
Michelle said…
I'm thinking I've seen pictures of past pumpkin patches of your little arrows, love that everyone has orange pumpkins except Esther. Cute!

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