Unsocialized Homeschooler

My friend gave me this shirt awhile back...and I love it. It reads, " warning: unsocialized homeschooler..interact or communicate at your own risk." The main reason that I think this is so funny is that homeschooling parents think that the idea that our homeschooled children are "unsocialized" is hysterical. Most homeschoolers have to turn down so many extracurricular activities because of their already full schedules. My children have never had a problem interacting with other kids or adults.

Sad to say that there are some parents out there who say they homeschool and they really aren't doing anything with their kids. Or there are also some who homeschool, but there children have so many gaps because the parents aren't thorough with their teaching. And then these kids head to school at some time and give homeschoolers a bad name. No, I am not a perfect homeschooler, but I do believe that my kids are getting a good education. But most of all they are learning so much more...they are getting my time, energy and love. So, if you happen to see one of these shirts, take a moment to have a little laugh :)


Matthew said…
I honestly feel that my children are receiving the best education in the state. We have been able to observe a private school over the past few years. Not only was the education sub-par, but the social issues were no better than those we were seeing in even the worst public school. This has taken so much dedication and sacrifice, but we believe the reward will be well worth it.
Matthew said…
I honestly believe my children are receiving the best education in the state. We have been able to watch the fruit from a private school. The education is sub par and social issues are frightening. I am blessed to be able to raise my kids not only with the education they need, but the skills to become adults with high character.
Michelle said…
I believe great kids come from home school, private school and public school environments. I know a few kids from all types of schooling. It's a matter of the heart and discipling our children to follow hard after God. Love that t-shirt and know full on the "unsocialized" home schooler arguement--too funny, I love home schooling.

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