I tried to think of a more jazzy title, but I just couldn't think of anything. So, I will keep it plain and simple :Sunday.
The weather was nice today...breezy and cooler. I can't say cool or even cold, but I can admit cooler. Was able to keep the air conditioning off all day, and that's what counts. As I sit here in my bed, I must be honest and say it is a little warm. But I know as the evening crawls by, it will be nice and brisk in my bedroom.
Today, I made by first attempt at Julia Child's beef bourguignon. I saw it on a television show the other day...and I am always into trying new recipes. And the attempt was utterly SUCCESSFUL!! The recipe called for it to be served on creamy mashed potatoes. And it was so delightful. I loved every bit of it, and we have plenty for a whole other meal. And the best part is that Matt loved it. That's the true test. And to make Matt even happier, I quickly made a pumpkin pie for him. His favorite, remember? I know how to make him happy.
But because of my cooking acquisition I didn't get to work on what I wanted to. I was hoping to work on organizing my bedroom. We have made some adjustments in the room in the past few months and it has been very unorganized. My scrapbook table is not, this week I plan on getting it up to speed. Don't you hate when you end the night without finishing what you intended to start and finish? Well, I guess my family's bellies are happy. I guess I finished something. See you later.


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