Saturday Happenings

Oh, Saturday, how I love you. There is nothing like a day off from the real world. Which basically means no school and Matt is home. Not much going on here today. The weather is a bit dreary...dark clouds, high humidity and a hope for this cold front to push through. Then we may have a cool couple of days ahead of us. In contrary to the record breaking snow that is hitting New England today. They are expected to get up to 8 inches of snow...oh, I am so jealous. I will take the cold, and the snow over this weather any day.
Matt and Bryn went to the annual Disney scavenger hunt last night...which entails them running around the outside of all the Disney parks, hotels and attractions looking for specific clues. They have fun doing it...and I stay home with the kiddos and relax. I don't mind skipping this crazy, full speed ahead Disney outing.
So, because of the Disney hunt, Bryn and Matt are a bit ( I mean a lot) tired today. Between their tiredness and the dreary weather, they never left the house today. I, on the other hand, went to a friend's baby shower. A whole bunch ladies laughing about what their Obstetrician big their babies were...and how cute tiny diapers are. Pure fun!
After grilling hamburgers tonight, Matt and I are trying to get the kids in bed...we are all tired and feel a need for a quiet night. We really prefer quiet days. We don't like running. We like to be at home. It's our favorite thing to do. How about you? Do you love being at home as much as we do?
So,that's our Saturday happenings. Boring, don't you think? A boring family in Florida. Just the way we like it.


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