Windows Open Wednesday

Okay, well I just opened them...but it still counts. A bit of cooler weather is moving in and I am taking advantage of it. I am actually thinking of making hot chocolate tonight. I know...long stretch, but that's okay, right?
Some random thoughts from me:
*I am cooking a yummy roast right now. The smell is so inviting. I have biscuits ready to rise, carrots cut and up and ready to cook...and soon a husband who will be very thankful.
*Got lots done today...some things that I have put off a bit. I ordered the rest of my books for the next unit of Tapestry of Grace. Which starts next week...can we say procrastination? They will get here in time...but even so, get on the ball Allison. There is nothing like spending the morning on Amazon picking out books while your kid sounds out words next to you. Love you I-pad! I also spent lots of time on the local library page reserving my books for next week. Soon I will be getting lots of call from little old ladies telling me my books are in. Love those volunteers!
*Did I tell you my house smells so good? :)
*Kids were busy working today in the house. Lots of dusting and putting things away. They do such a good job...which they should, they make 95% of the mess anyway.
*Other than that we have been busy as usual around the Reynolds Nation. Lots of school work. Lots of time together. Enjoying life. Yes, it's not perfect. Yes, it has it's ups and downs...but it is good.
* I feel like my schedule has been freed up a lot lately. A lot less running around. That feels so good. I love to be home most of the time.
*I bought some new tape runners for my scrapbooks...because I am desperately behind on my scrapbooks. And I love to work on them. And I am trying to take more time out for myself. So, I shall be soon working on those.
*That's it. Enough random think. I may come back with more...haha. Have a great Wednesday. Open your me!


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