Unit 1 Celebration

This past week we finished up our ninth week of our new curriculum, Tapestry of Grace. After the ninth week, and completing a unit, you are supposed to have a celebration of all the work the kids have done. At first, I thought, this is just another activity I have to put together...but in the end, the kids looked so forward to showing friends and family their work. It was worth every minute of planning, and I already have new ideas for our next celebration. Here are a few snapshots for you of what we worked on.

We had spent three weeks studying Ancient Egypt, which the kids loved...especially Bryn. This is her second time doing an in-depth study of that region, and it truly started a love of history a few years ago. Esther couldn't resist making one of her Barbies into a mummy...which was one of her favorite things we studied.

For the party I made Mummy Dogs (which the kids kept on calling Mommy Dogs). The special treat was meant to look like a mummy, with their mustard eyes. I think this was super cute and the kids loved it.

Here are the charts we worked on together. The charts are showing how Moses' Tabernacle looked and the other one is how God designed the Israelites camp. We had fun looking at how God worked with his people throughout this time period. I was amazed how much the kids remembered and loved this part of the unit.

This picture is from the day we made our Priest turbans and breast plates...which the kids wore on the night of the celebration. This was a fun craft for the kids and we got a lot of great compliments.

Bryn's masterpiece...two loaves of Challah bread...which is traditionally eaten during the Jewish Sabbath. I was amazed how well she did with the braided loaves...and it was absolutely fabulous!!! I don't think I have had better bread and my mother said it reminded her of the bread she used to eat in NYC when she was a young girl.

Here is Bryn making her bread. It was the first time she experienced making something like it. I think she had a good time and learned a lot about baking.

Our Ziggurat that we worked on. This was a fun group project (which is one of the reasons I love this curriculum, because we do so much together no matter what the age). We studied what a Ziggurat was and then we made our own. Fun!

Well, I hope you got an idea of what we have been up to the last nine weeks. The kids also showed their lapbooks (the kids were all so proud, especially Caleb) and any writing that they produced. It was a fun family night, which I think will hold a lot of memories for my family


Superhero Mom said…
I totally love it! What great fun..and there is no doubt that your students know just how proud you are!! Bravo Reynolds Nation!! Bravo!

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