Putting My Feet Up

What a Monday!!! I was inflicted with a small ailment, that took me under for the whole day. I thought I would snap a picture of my feet bundled under Great-Granny's blanket...because I surely know that you wouldn't want to see my face or my hair...it was not a pretty sight. So, not much was done yesterday. The dirty laundry sat. Beds weren't made (why make it when I keep on getting in it?). And the children ran amuck (is that a word?). Matt laughed at me when I told him that I was going to at least get school work done with William, but instead I went to sleep. He says, "remember that's why we homeschool. We have the liberty to take a day off." I forget that sometimes...and we do work hard all the other days. So, here is a picture of my footsies, covered up. Feeling a million times better today. Happy Tuesday!


Superhero Mom said…
Happy Monday to you too! I had a similar day..but it wasn't me under the blanket. :)
Michelle said…
Love the afghan- reminds me of home :) the joy of homeschooling is the lesson that sometimes life takes a different turn so mom can rest and siblings can bond.

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