Annual Night

If only most of the father's of daughters out there would realize what a gem they hold in their hands. A special gift. A true treasure. It is a present that should not be tossed aside or assumed not to be opened. It's a gift to reveal now. Daughters are so special. They are little girls slowing maturing...the question is do you want them to be women or little girls in women's bodies. Because if a father doesn't nurture his little girls...spend time with them, love them, cherish them and acknowledge them...then his end result will be a little girl in a women's body. Because as a girl we always look up to the father...the daddy. We are meant to do that because of the heavenly father...he is our provider, our nurturer, our protector. With earthly dads, God was just trying to mirror what he intended for himself and his children.
So, husband continues to love his girls. To cherish them. To make time with's annual Daddy-Daughter night...and here they are. Thank you Matt.


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