More Powerful

I am stealing a picture from my Matt...
that he took yesterday while the shuttle was going up. I sadly didn't hear it because I was tucked away in the library teaching mommies how to breastfeed their babies. But I was looking at this picture later that he took...still in awe of what man has created so many years ago. When you live where I live in Florida you get used to the shuttle going up...but it is still one of those amazing things. But then I was quickly reminded that my God, our God, the only God is so much more powerful than this amazing spacecraft. He is faster, stronger and wiser than this wonderful machine. So, if you are in a place in life of indecision...or change...or uncertainty...look up and and see the most high God. He is there for you! And for me. He is amazing, powerful, swift and the wisest of all. Ponder that for the day. Have a great Friday!


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