Quiet Night

It has been a extremely busy day...after one trip to Ormond for the dentist, one trip to Port Orange for a homeschool co-op group and then on to teach my breastfeeding class at the local library. I feel like I have been married to the highway. Interstate 95 was my best friend...kids chatting in the back of the car, music humming in my ear and an occasional yell out from one of the kids. It was just one of those busy days that can't be avoided. But then I sit here quietly...after a lovely dinner made by my husband, the rush of kids taking showers and now the little ones are in bed. My windows are wide open and I can hear slight noises outside...my pug dog slumbering next to the computer desk and Matt talking quietly to Esther. It's moments like these that you can sit back and love your life. Despite the craziness...the rush and the endless errands and jobs that need to be done...you love what you do. Being a mother is the best and most rewarding job ever. I thank God daily for it.


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