A Day in the Life...

So, today was one of those busy days. I was just sitting still for the first time today a few minutes ago, and I thought...let's blog about it.

1. Woke up at ten till six this morning...spent 1/2 an hour in prayer. Love my time with the Lord most high.
2. Took shower, dressed and went downstairs.
3. Checked facebook, e-mail, put first load of laundry in and woke house up. Checked on wee goat who was ailing last night. Within hour, goat dies and husband (who is so awesome) buries her and consoles children.
4. Make cream of wheat for breakfast...organize kids to dress, clean up rooms, make beds, stop fighting...the norm of every morning.
5. Send dear hubby off for work...supervise clean-up, wash breakfast dishes...put second load of laundry in...make sure kids shoes are on and we are outside.
6. Get new baby goats out to bottle feed with kids...two kids feed chickens, I move their pen and we then let baby goats feed off their mamas. Back inside to finish morning chores.
7. Back outside to put baby goats back in pen, feed mama goats and then back inside. Do overview of house and then on to school.
8. Are you tired yet?
9. Set 3 year old up with movie, start grammar with three kids and five year old waits a few minutes to start...kids get in the groove with me sitting at the table with them.
10. I am correcting work...move laundry on and fold small load of whites. Read book with five year old (rather he reads to me, which takes forever, but he is worth it). Take a small break while kids are working diligently to make 26 brownie cupcakes (to be eaten by a host of teenagers later with Bryn and her co-op) in the kitchen.
11. Snack time at ten...these kids are hungry. Send kids out to check for eggs. In the course of the last two hours, took three phone calls for work, and jot down the information.
12. Little kids done with work by 10:30...teenager still working. Lunch at 11:30...cook leftovers and make sandwiches...dishes immediately after and clean-up.
13. Gather library movies and books that are due today...put brownies on pretty platter and cover...bring extra bananas for little kids. Change house clothes to going out clothes...clean kid faces...make everyone go potty...find out why teenager doesn't want to wear warm clothes in cold weather...and we are out of the house. Can't find keys...remember left them on play set when feeding goats.
14. Drive to take teenager to special co-op of dramatic literature. Stop to get gas first. Get to church a few minutes early...kids play on play ground...one trip to the potty...leave teenager and take little kids to Firestone to get oil changed. While walking to store my mother-in-law calls me for details regarding upcoming breastfeeding class. Say, can't talk now...in parking lot with kids. Go to Big Lots while oil is getting changed. Find some great deals, while saying over and over again to little kids that no we can't get that.
15. Take car from aggressive salesman at Firestone...go back to church...one more potty break...pick up teenager and head to Target so she can find a gift for dad's birthday. Go through the store...pick up beef that was on sale (a very good sale)...more bananas for the kids (yes we eat about 14 pounds a week)...and then back in car.
16. Drive down I-95, get off exit and take movies and books back to library. No time to pick new ones up. Husband calls and says don't worry about dinner (phew, because I was running out of time to cook dinner, though everything was ready at home).
17. Home again...meet wonderful husband at the door in preparation for three day weekend. Unload all of our bags that we collected. Check work cell phone for messages. Put potatoes in oven to cook. Chickens are fed and eggs collected by kids. Take baby goats out and bottle feed them. Put goats back with mama goats to eat. Make quick and easy meal for kids. Quick clean-up and pick-up around house. Husband grills steaks and we eat a scrumptious meal. Teenager heads out to babysit my friend's kids. Wash dishes...eight year old cleans table and the boys put jammies on.
18. The house starts to settle down. Little boys go to bed...with lots of chatter in the room...husband and I talk about our day and go over the weekly grocery ads. Eight year old goes to bed. Husband and I start watching movie...which I make it through about 20 minutes because it was totally not my style. Go upstairs to take shower...take clothes out for kids...make grocery list for this weekend's grocery trip...send e-mail out for my co-op food order...and then sit down to write this blog. I am tired...are you? I love my life!


i'm amazed what you get done before 10am!
christy said…
Ok, that is very exhausting!!!

Anyways, funny thing, I was remembering something I saw on your blog about eggs and I was going to ask you if you sold them or knew of a co-op and then I just read this about your co-op order! I am interested! I will send you an email requesting info.

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