Belated Valentine Pics

Caleb and William...loved hanging out with their friends and getting so many Valentine cards!
Esther and William stop for a moment while giving out cards and give me a smile :) Judah getting a little help from Bryn (who is now too old to pass out Valentines) to put his Valentines cards in the little mailboxes.

I thought I would take a moment and post some pictures from the kids Valentine's day party. The week before we had painstakingly (more my pain then theirs) made cards for 30 other children...30 children each x 4 kids making cards...that would be 120 Valentine cards you understand when I say pain. Even so they had a great time...each little personality coming out. They wrote a saying on each card and then put special valentine stickers on them. William insisted on putting only one sticker on each card( a bit skimpy)...Esther was artistic as always, making each card special...Caleb put each sticker in a straitght line (the organized one) and Judah worked on a few cards, before I finished the rest (I mean majority, lol). Once again, their personalities come out in the small things...I love watching these shows that God created us all different and we are special in our own ways. Their favorite part of the day-was coming home and reading each card from their friends!


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