Favorite Things 5

So, here is my next FAVORITE THING to post. My new cubed shelving from IKEA. I have wanted these for several years...and my Valentine bought it for me for the holiday. It is a dream for any mom who has a big family. We are using the bottom shelves for the kids to put away their school books...they were so excited to organize them on their own shelf. And the rest will be for books and decorations.

My next FAVORITE THING is my new bench in the mudroom. When we built our addition our plan was to have a section for the kids to hang their coats (so they aren't all over my house) and a bench for them to sit on and buckets to dump their shoes (and in the winter hats and gloves). I am so loving this. No more shoes all over the place...everything neat and organized. Just the way this mommy likes it!


Michelle said…
Love both of these! I too have dreamed of cubbies but have settled for some shelves! Looks like a wonderful Valentine gift from your sweetheart.

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